The inception of my photo series for BENT stemmed from a vision celebrating the variety of visual language intertwined with diverse thematic explorations. Central to all BENT campaigns is the deliberate choice to feature non-models—individuals intricately connected to our community, or those on a journey of self-discovery through the lens of sexuality and kink. Transitioning from conventional elements of BDSM culture, we delved into the nuanced realm of eroticism, exploring the intricate connections within sexual experiences.
Thus, in one series, we embraced the raw, fluid essence of human form, showcasing wet, tactile skin textures and sensual performative body movements. Another series diverged towards a contrasting aesthetic, delving into the erotic allure of concrete, leather, and latex. Bodies entwined amidst steel spikes, the dusty floor beneath their skin, captured through the lens of a nocturnal voyeur, evoking a subtle yet intense mood. Or rediscovering the aesthetic of point-and-shoot, we drew inspiration from early 2000s porn and erotic film production, embracing the rawness, ostentatious vulgarity, and imperfections inherent in the imagery.

BENT 7/10/23
BENT 19/5/23
BENT 3/3/23