2020, temporary tattoos, digital photography / Photo: Vladislav Anoshin
Blurred memories of the touch -is my visual intimate diary about the intense sexual and romantic experience. About living someone’s trembling presence and absence, about longing for the touch and impossibility to unite. About the nights spent in the hotels, about hours together and weeks apart. About the distance between our countries and the space between my skin and his skin. In my project I work with my own body as with a tool for preserving and experiencing memories, I use the body like a map of the touches and marks left, I turn my experiences into a physical form, trying to get over a breakup.
I met him in June. I let him to touch my hands and sleep next to me. I forgot about my crazy obsession with my personal space and routine.  I took pictures every day to capture all moments we lived together, preparing myself for saying goodbye beforehand. Every room we slept it. Every mark he left on me. I documented all of them to feel his presence even after came back to his country. Somehow intuitively I captured that feeling of detachment, alienation, separation that I think is familiar to many people now during these strange times. Physical contact is appreciated much more than before, it got such a great value. Being around someone, being touched by someone’s voice, having a chance to hold loved hands -all these small things took on new meaning.
-I know very well that everything concerns us is a choice. It has always been. A choice between love and fear and I know I'm peaking the second one.
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