In the project "где дом мой? “ ("Where is my home"), I delve into a concept that has been a focus of my reflection and artistic exploration since my relocation from Russia in 2017. This ongoing exploration has evolved into a contemplation on the necessity of redefining and reimagining my sense of identity within the framework of belonging. I grapple with the dichotomy of feeling rooted or uprooted, torn between multiple locales, perpetually seeking a fixed point of reference. 
Through visual representation, I aim to articulate the notion of the borderline, the living „in between“ and cultural affiliations, or lack thereof. Language serves as a symbolic tool, employed not solely for comprehension but to evoke sensory experiences. In this project, text functions as a sonic and metaphorical narrative, with each linguistic element carrying distinct tonalities and emotional resonances.
I embark on an exploration of inner and outer boundaries through the mediums of urban photography and the human form. I juxtapose diverse textures, employ visual contrasts, and engage in a quest for elements of familiarity from my past. Through these artistic endeavors, I endeavor to articulate the complexities of belonging and displacement, inviting viewers to contemplate their own relationships with place and identity.
The diptychs in this series explore the intersection of our bodily sensations and the urban environment, illustrating how our physical and mental presence enriches our understanding of the city. Through juxtaposing skin and synapses with the architectural elements of concrete, wood, or bricks, the artworks evoke a heightened sense of tactile experience. Each image encapsulates memories within the cityscape, where architectural features become imbued with personal recollections. As cities evolve, new perspectives emerge, adding layers to our interpretation of urban life.