intensity of the touch, 2021, zine, paper and film, digital print, binding V1, 34p, 14 x 21 cm
In this art project, the very essence lies in the exploration of touch as a dynamic force that transcends time and space. "Intensity of the touch" encapsulates the multifaceted nature of remembering, materializing, and overcoming a love affair. The tactile becomes a conduit for emotional recall, a visceral collection of memories intricately woven into the fabric of intimacy—traces delicately etched upon the skin.
Recalling the touch is a poetic journey through the labyrinth of shared moments, a meticulous assembly of fragments that compose the mosaic of an intimate history. The act of fixing the touch takes on an almost obsessive quality, an intricate reconstruction that strives to reconnect with a fleeting connection now lost in the winds of time.
To replace the touch becomes a poignant act of forced substitution, a transformative gesture that navigates the delicate balance between holding on and letting go. The visual narrative unfolds through a blend of mediums—a symphony of photographs, scanned and deliberately deformed to mirror the distortions of memory. Mixed media shapes emerge, each resonating from different series, converging in a visual cacophony that mirrors the complexity of emotions experienced during the aftermath of a love affair.
The distorted self-portrait emerges as a central motif, a reflection of the artist's own metamorphosis in the aftermath of intense connection and subsequent separation. These self-revelations become fragments of physical memories, tactile manifestations of the emotional landscape left behind.
In "Intensity of the touch," the viewer is invited to embark on a sensory exploration, navigating the nuances of love and loss through a visual tapestry that intertwines the tangible and the ephemeral. This project seeks not only to capture the intensity of a past touch but also to transcend it, offering a cathartic experience that resonates with the universal journey of navigating the complexities of the heart.