glass table, marker, ashtray, glasses, experimental books, 2023
My project is based on the principles of autotheory, research on the topics of love addiction from anthropological and psychological perspectives intertwine with deeply intimate personal experience. My aim in this work to explore escapism as a coping mechanism and to build up a complex discourse on addictive and escapist behavior in the context of love, romantic attachment or other kind of intense emotional interaction. Escapism is captured through impulsive decisions, such as unplanned trips to unknown places, casual hookups, and heavy drinking. This approach is reminiscent of living recklessly during teenage years, avoiding responsibility and being afraid to face and manage uncomfortable situations and emotions. Such behavior is associated with one of the most common symptoms of personal disorder: intense emotions within oneself and in relationships with others. My purpose is to show escapism as a never-ending chaotic cycle of running away and numbing the pain. Additionally, despite being highly romanticized in society, escapism only leads to a greater sense of emptiness and despair - as demonstrated through my personal experiences.