sound in the space ​​​​​​​

Multimedia installation, sound, images, text . Photo: Paulina Masevnina, sound design by Abhishek Choudhary
My project Side Effect / This could be us consists of a series of photographs and the texts in the form of a visual intimate diary and focuses mainly on self-reflection. As in my previous work, I reflect on romantic and sexual relationships, changes in my mental and physical condition, whether caused by love affairs, any kind of addiction, or by taking antidepressants. The side effect of medical psychotherapy affecting sexuality is one of the topics I reveal in my project. By creating my self-portraits and writing explicit notes, I satisfy the obsessive need to share my intimate life - digital exhibitionism has a therapeutic meaning in this case, it helps to experience and cope with my current state. I interpret intimacy from the perspective of inner and public personal space. I explore the physical and symbolic context of the text as the way of expression and my own body as a tool for preserving and living memories. Focusing on the body I materialise it as the map of touch, I turn my experiences into a physical form.