Hush! Behind the wall mother is sleeping, 2020, video, 5:04 min, installation, textile, acrylic colors, wood , cameraman, editing : Alexander Sanfirov
In the project named “Hush! Behing the wall mother is sleeping” I am contemplating taboos on sex and sexuality within the Russian mentality, attempting to understand my own relationship to my sexuality and body. I turn to traditions to comprehend why discussing and even thinking about these topics is challenging for both our women and men. An integral aspect of the project is a poetic text that reveals a young woman's connection to love and sexuality through her mother's guidance—a portrayal of a strict, young woman from the Soviet Union. The video I present serves as an intuitive visualization of this text.
I pose the following questions: Why does the older generation struggle to express any emotion sexually? Why are they entrenched in stereotypes? Why is touching one's own body considered an immoral act?
The main object of the performance and installation is the outdoor hanger with bed sheets adorned with slogans, depicting women's behavior as defined by society—correct and conventional. The portrayal emphasizes a woman who respects societal traditions and the high moral principles of her nation. The sheets, reminiscent of Soviet posters, serve as a backdrop. Drawing inspiration from the rural tradition of hanging sheets outside after the wedding night as evidence of the bride's innocence, I incorporate symbols such as Granny's panties to signify asexual purity. Additionally, a scarf with a traditional pattern acts as a prism through which I perceive the world, encapsulating traditional stereotypes.