where's my home?
2019 - (ongoing)
Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic 
Где дом мой? started as an on-going series of photography a year after I moved from Russia to Czech Republic and realised myself as the russian artist based abroad. After a year of denying my identity and the meaning of this identity for my artistic practice, my love hatred relationship with Russia and the post soviet aesthetic has been changing from absolute rejection to crucial direction in my art and turned to the complex intuitive visual study of the New East.
Being an emigrant I am rethinking what my national identity means in my personal and more global context, how my hatred love relationship with Russia could  be depicted through visual language of erotic photography and fetish elements, searching for visual language of the new east in the most significant and traumatic elements of this movement to capture and visualise the idea of Russianness for russian abroad . Triggers from post soviet childhood and mental trauma heritage from subconscious experience of 90s (tough times for many post soviet states) turn to the topics to be rethought and reworked in the context of youth culture, where significant elements of those times become trends and visuals in art and fashion. Wearing Gosha Rubchisky T-shirt while being an expant is like having a poster or a national flag in the room, the mixture of feeling nostalgic and guilt.